Parish Notices

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The Parish Leadership Team is an advisory body to the Parish Priest and has a consultative vote on pertinent issues within the Parish. It shares the responsibility for building a vibrant community that is founded in the Holy Eucharist and built on Faith, Hope and Charity. A Parish meeting was held on Thursday 11th March and the new leadership team was elected.

We welcome our 2021 Parish Leadership Team members:

Jose Perez,  Gonnie Keogh, Tony Murphy, Mark Hall and Peter Lalli.  Congratulations.


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Privacy Policy

On arrival at the church, you must check in with Services NSW by scanning the QR code, posted on the doors to the church.

You can download the Services NSW app here:

Service NSW Mobile App | Service NSW

  • Only 130 attendees will be allowed entry (in addition to clergy and essential assistants). 
  • A parish-appointed Attendance Monitor will check that all attendees have checked in as above.
  • All attendees must sanitise their hands upon entry using the sanitiser provided  in the narthex.
  • Entry from the narthex to the nave of the church is through the double glass doors only.
  • Worshippers must only sit in allocated seating which is marked with green stickers to ensure 1.5 metre distance between worshippers.
  • Worshippers can seek assistance from the Attendance Monitor if required during the Mass.
  • Worshippers must not shake hands and instead offer a verbal exchange of peace.
  • Members of the same household may sit within 1.5 metre distance of each other (e.g. married couple, parent with children) if they have advised their relationship with the Attendance Monitor during registration.
  • The Attendance Monitor will maintain alertness to identify worshippers presenting with flu-like symptoms (cough, runny nose, etc.) and advise any worshippers with symptoms they must leave the premises.
  • The Attendance Monitor will ensure worshippers do not congregate in the entrance or any area of the building.
  • The Attendance Monitor will ensure staggering of worshippers as they enter the building and walk to their seats.
  • Worshippers must maintain 1.5 metre distancing at all times including lining up for communion.
  • Communion will be received in the hand only (not on the tongue).
  • There will be no communion from the chalice for worshippers.
  • The Attendance Monitor will coordinate a staggered exit of worshippers through the exit door located near the sacristy.
  • Because of possible risk of aerosol transmission, congregational singing is prohibited at this time.
  • Only one musician and one cantor is allowed. The Cantor must maintain 3 metres physical distance.

The faithful are encouraged to have the ‘COVIDsafe’ app active on their mobile device where they have the capacity to do so. (note: this is not a requirement of attendance)

Church/Chapels will not be open for Private Prayer under the current directives due to the significant cleaning and sanitising requirements that are involved to protect parishioners, clergy, parish staff and volunteers.

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