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Bulli is a short distance north (about 15 kilometres) of Wollongong,  and 75 kilometres south of Sydney along the Princes Highway, NSW Australia. The area was known for coal mining for many years and is known as the Black Diamond District. To the east is the blue peaceful waters of the Pacific Ocean and to the west, the escarpment. The church is situated half way between these two great wonders of the South Coast. Our parish is made up of three areas: Bulli, Woonona and Russell Vale, all coastal. We are serviced well by rail and road. The railway station of Bulli is only a block away. We are a diverse parish of cultures, professions and interests. There are strong surf board riding groups, Surf Life Saving groups, Sport groups, social groups, cultural and art groups and church communities.

Our parish is at the same time an aging parish with a strong growth of young families. The parish school has a population of approximately 250 students from kindergarten through to year 6. Our parish plant comprises of the parish church which has been renovated and refurbished to meet the needs of the new liturgical practices. It has its own courtyard attached to a small hall for social functions and small community meetings. The courtyard was also designed to cater for the festival of light ceremony of the Easter Vigil with a space to light an enormous fire. We’ve installed two sails to shelter our children’s playgroup and the overflow of people for Christmas and Easter celebrations, from the sun. There is a parish house which is rented out, modern large parish school hall and many classrooms making up the school buildings. A Columbarium has been erected with several walls to cater for parishioners who wish to be interred in the grounds of the parish church. There are very strong committed groups of the parish like the Parents and Friends of the parish community school, Parish Pastoral Council, Parish Finance Committee, Liturgy Committee, and Sacramental team. Parish ministries comprise Readers, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Acolytes, Lay Presiders, Altar Servers, A/V operators. We cater for the very young and those who are aging gracefully.