Mass Times

Welcome back

Sunday’s Mass (video of the 8:30am Mass) can be viewed here from 1:00 pm Sunday, as celebrated  at St. Joseph’s Bulli.

Weekend Mass Times:

Sunday   8:30am, 5:30pm

Weekday Mass Times:

Tuesday: 5:00pm Mass

Wednesday: 5:30pm Mass

Thursday: 12:00 mid day, Angelus followed by Mass

Friday: 9:30 am Mass


By appointment only. Contact the parish office on 42843000

Friday: 10:00am

Sunday 5:00 pm

Our church is finally open for Mass subject to the restrictions listed below:

You must register and pre book the week before each Mass

1. 50 registered worshippers maximum, can attend each Mass. Full names and contact phone numbers must be provided.

2. All worshippers and attendees must register in advance through their parish office (worshippers must identify as members of the same household when registering if they wish to sit within 1.5m of each other).

3. Ring the parish office (4284 3000) on Monday to Thursday prior to register for the Masses. Please do not leave messages on the voice mail.

4. There will be an Attendance Monitor on duty, who will check registered worshippers.

5. All worshippers must sanitise their hands as they come into the church and when they leave.

6. No shaking of hands.

7. All worshippers must sit or stand on the allocated markings for social distancing. four square metres per person, except those of the same household.

Because of possible risk of aerosol transmission, congregational singing is prohibited at this time.

Only one musician and one cantor is allowed. The Cantor must maintain 3 metres physical distance.

The faithful are encouraged to have the ‘COVIDsafe’ app active on their mobile device where they have the capacity to do so. (note: this is not a requirement of attendance)

Church/Chapels will not be open for Private Prayer under the current directives due to the significant cleaning and sanitising requirements that are involved to protect parishioners, clergy, parish staff and volunteers