Mass Times

Masks must be worn at ALL times whilst in the church.

Penalty for not wearing a mask is $200

Children under 12 years old are exempt from wearing masks.

The 4m2 rule is now in effect: the maximum capacity of St Joseph’s Church is 65 people.

Everyone must check in by scanning the Services NSW QR code before entering the church


Sunday Mass Times

Sunday   8:30am, 5:30pm

Weekday Mass Times:

Tuesday: 5:00pm Mass

Wednesday: 5:30pm Mass

Thursday: 12:00 mid day, Angelus followed by Mass

Friday: 9:30 am Mass


By appointment only. Contact the parish office on 4284 3000.

The wearing of masks in the church is now mandatory.

On arrival at the church, you must check in with Services NSW by scanning the QR code, posted on the doors to the church, and logging on.

You can download the Services NSW app here:

Service NSW Mobile App | Service NSW

Conditions of attendance

1. 65 attendees maximum (plus essential workers), can be accommodated at any one time in the church.

2. All attendees must check in through the Services NSW app as displayed on the church doors, on your smartphone, or with the help of the monitors at the reception table.

3. There will be an Attendance Monitor/s on duty, who will check numbers of attendees.

4. All attendees 12 years and older MUST wear a mask.

5. All attendees must sanitise their hands as they come into the church and when they leave.

6. No shaking of hands.

7. All attendees must sit or stand on the allocated markings for social distancing. Four square metres per person, except those of the same household.