Leadership Ministries

Parish Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee is a consultative body providing advice and recommendations to the priest concerning the Stewardship of the Parish’s fiscal and temporal resources, including long range financial planning to support the mission of the parish.

The Committee coordinates the collection, counting and dispersing of parish incomes and has the responsibility of reviewing monthly financial information concerning the operation of our parish Church and School.

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Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is an advisory body to the Parish Priest and has a consultative vote on pertinent issues within the Parish.

The Parish Pastoral Council share the responsibility for building a vibrant community that is embedded in the Eucharist and which builds on faith, hope and charity.

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Stewardship Committee

The mission of the Stewardship Committee is to promote and foster Christian Stewardship in our homes, in our parish, in our schools and in our community. To fulfil our mission we provide resources for worship, prayed, education, administration, outreach and witness.

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Liturgical Ministries

Liturgy Altar Servers and Acolytes

Junior Altar Servers Junior Altar servers play an important role as they assist the priest and deacons during the Mass. These young boys and girls must have already received their first Holy Communion and be a member of St. Joseph’s Bulli Parish. Formal training is provided by a Senior Altar Server or Acolyte.

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Liturgy Committee

The purpose of the Liturgy Committee is to ensure that the liturgy will provide an experience for all parishioners that is an inspirational, uplifting, enriching and joyful celebration for all of our community of faith at St. Joseph’s Parish.

This Committee meets four times a year to prepare for the liturgy during the Church’s liturgical year. The meetings are held prior to Advent, Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.

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Liturgy Lectors and Readers

Readers proclaim the Word of God on Sunday Mass and special liturgical celebrations.

This ministry aims to actively involve parishioners in ceremonies and celebrations through the prayerful and powerful proclamation of the Word of God. A Reader/Lector must be a person of faith and devotion to God’s Word and be a competent reader for large audiences.

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Music Choir

The primary function of the Music Choir is to enhance the liturgy and lead the assembly in song.

Selected from a wide variety of musical styles, the repertoire ranges from traditional to contemporary. The choir sings at all special liturgical celebrations throughout the year and during the 5:30pm Sunday Mass, and occasionally during the 8:30am Sunday Mass.

Practices are scheduled on a need-to-be basis from time to time to prepare for the holy seasons.

Participants need some singing skills and everyone is welcome.

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Music Ministry

This ministry is deal for those who are musically inclined. We always welcome those who can hold a note or play an instrument. Musicians are either on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. We welcome everyone and there is no age restriction.

If you would like to be part of the Music Ministry which helps us all to worship Jesus, then contact the Parish secretary and she will introduce you to the other musically minded people.

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Sacristan, Flowers and Linen Helpers

Sacristans assist in the sacristy in the preparation for Mass and other celebrations. Before Mass the Sacristan sets out vestments for the priest, and ensures that there are sufficient supplies of altar wine, hosts, candles etc. required for the Mass or liturgy.

Linen Helpers are responsible for keeping the sacred linens and altar cloths clean and presentable for the celebration of the Mass. This is a ministry done at the individual’s home yet involves many aspects of the Church’s liturgies.

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The word “welcome” with a smile as people enter the church is a wonderful way to start Sunday liturgies.

People who volunteer for this ministry need to be in Church fifteen minutes before the start of Mass to hand out the bulletins and have a friendly word with people to help set the tone for the Eucharistic Celebration.

Welcomers are those who, almost without trying, can identify with others, to put them at ease and make them feel appreciated.

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Children’s Liturgy

This lay ministry works with school age children from K to year 6. The children are invited to the Parish Monsignor O’Reilly Hall to listen to the Scriptures of the day in a language they can understand. Liturgy of the Word for children is offered at the 9.45am Sunday Mass during School Terms.

The aim is to help children grow in their faith and their understanding of the readings. Adults present and explore readings with children so they can respond to the beliefs of the creed and the prayers of the faithful.

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Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers share the body and blood of Christ with their fellow worshippers in the assembly. They share their gift of Time by service God and distributing Holy Communion at Mass, visit the sick and elderly at home, hospital or nursing homes.

Ministers must be fully initiated Catholics. These people must have a willingness to be of service to the community founded in the love of God.

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Technology Ministries

Audio/Visual Equipment

Our parish church is equipped with a high quality sound system and two digital projectors that are used to display the words of hymns and other relevant parts of our Masses and other liturgies including weddings and funerals. This negates the need for costly hymn books that have to be replaced when damaged or missing. Also, the licensed music is embedded in the computer generated audio/visual presentations. We have one very dedicated parishioner who creates these presentations to ensure that the Mass becomes a thorough and prayerful experience.

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Creating Liturgical PowerPoint Presentations

The creation of PowerPoint presentations for the Sunday Mass is a ministry best suited to people who have both an understanding of the Liturgy and computers.

The purpose of using a PowerPoint presentation is to further enhance the delivery of Masses for Sundays and special Feast days.

The presentations are created using Microsoft PowerPoint on the creator’s home computer before being transferred onto the main computer in the Church prior to the weekend Mass.

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Presenting Liturgical PowerPoint Presentations

This ministry requires a presenter be responsible for the liturgical Power Point  presentation during the Mass.

The presenter is required to arrive at Mass fifteen minutes before the Mass begins in order to prepare the computer and projectors, lower and screens and select the appropriate Mass from the icons on the desktop. The first slide is displayed prior to the start of the Mass and subsequent slides are displayed in the order of the presentation coinciding with the Mass and preview sheet provided.

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Parish Website

This ministry requires the periodic updating of the St Joseph’s Bulli Parish website so that Church news and information can be effectively conveyed to the Parish members and community. The information required to be displayed on the website is provided by the Parish Secretary and approved by the Parish Priest.

This ministry is best suited to those with web based design and maintenance experience, or for those with a relatively high level of computer literacy.

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Outreach Ministries


The Catechist Ministry involves teaching Religious Education in our state primary and high schools. St Joseph’s Parish has two high schools and four primary schools. Our catechists are volunteers who are required to attend a training course through the CCD(Confraternity of Christine Doctrine) prior to teaching in our state schools.

No teaching experience is necessary and materials and support are provided. Please contact the Parish Office for further information.

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Emergency Support

Are you able to cook a meal occasionally to support a fellow parishioner in times of need? This ministry may be for you. Meals are prepared and dropped off to those who may be facing serious illness, death of a loved one, or other hardship.

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Knights of the Southern Cross Group

The Knights of the Southern Cross is an order of Catholic men committed to promoting the Christian way of life throughout Australia. The mission of the Group is to install and maintain Christian values and ethics in society to promote the advancement of Australia by encouraging social and intellectual activities amongst members of the Order; and to encourage the conduct and support of education, charitable, religious and social welfare work.

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Over 50’s Seniors

The aim of this group is to get to meet other people in our Parish family in a social setting. The group is very informal and caters for the senior age group who are at a similar stage in life.

Our activities vary according to what the group desires, as to does the frequency and venue of each activity/outing.

If you feel you would like to participate in this group or become more involved in the organising and coordination of activities then please contact Jenny. The more the merrier.

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The Rosary Group meets weekly on Thursday mornings at 9:30 am to pray together by reciting the rosary.

God is a God of surprises; at the end of the meeting the group leave renewed and refreshed in Faith, ready to face the conflicts of the world with Hope and the knowledge that God is very near.

The group meet in the Parish Church at Our Lady’s Chapel.

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Social Team

The Social Team is responsible for most of the parish functions that require food. This ranges from the regular cuppa after the 8:30am Mass on the second Sunday of each month, to other parish functions that require either a sausage sizzle or catered food. The hospitality team may also provide food for mourners in the O’Reilly hall after a funeral if required.

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St Vincent de Paul

St Vincent de Paul society answers the call of Jesus and is carried out by volunteer laity who wish to increase their own faith whilst serving others.

St Vincent de Paul partly support the poor, needy and disadvantaged who live within our Parish boundaries regardless of their creed, ethnicity, health, gender or political opinions.

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