20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bulletin 2020-08-16

Fr Patrick has opened Bulli Church to 60 People that is 7 less than our absolute maximum, This is due to people not registering for Masses and just turning up.

This makes it difficult for our Monitors (who are volunteers) and they are now cleaning a bigger area after each Mass.

It is absolutely necessary to book in for the Sunday Masses.

If you do not register for Sunday Masses you run the risk of not being allowed in if we are at Capacity and of also putting our parish at risk of a very hefty fine.

The wearing of masks to church is now highly recommended to keep each other and our vulnerable safe.


19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bulletin 2020-08-09

The 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time’s Mass (video of the 8:30am Mass) can be viewed here from 1:00 pm Sunday 9thAugust, as celebrated  at St. Joseph’s Bulli.

This is the final video recorded Mass at St. Joseph’s. It has been a privilege to give us the opportunity to make our weekly Mass available for you to remain connected with our parish community. Thank you for your support. – Michael & Cristene Barnett.

You can attend your weekly Sunday Mass by registering with the parish office.


Just a reminder this week, that directives from the Bishop’s Office are calling for temperatures to be taken before entering the church due to the recent church outbreaks in Sydney.

It has also be advised by the state government to wear Masks to places of worship. This is not Mandatory but if you have one and want to wear it please do.

 Please take note of the Sacramental program for St Joseph’s this year. There are 8 weeks of  Holy Communion Masses due to the limited number of people we can have in our churches. So Only 5 children are receiving the Sacrament at each Mass.

There will be limited spaces at those Masses so it may be an option for our regulars to go to Weekday Masses over those weeks.

 Kindest Regards

Lisa Bates

Secretary for Corrimal and Bulli Parishes