Creating Liturgical PowerPoint Presentations

The creation of PowerPoint presentations for the Sunday Mass is a ministry best suited to people who have both an understanding of the Liturgy and computers.

The purpose of using a PowerPoint presentation is to further enhance the delivery of Masses for Sundays and special Feast days.

The presentations are created using Microsoft PowerPoint on the creator’s home computer before being transferred onto the main computer in the Church prior to the weekend Mass.

When no live music is available, recorded music for the Mass is selected by the creator of the presentation. All hymns, with their composer and copyright are electronically forwarded to the Parish Secretary by the Thursday prior to the weekend Masses.

A database of liturgical PowerPoint presentations for each of the Church’s liturgical years has been created by Cristene Barnett and can be found on the computer in the church.

Support and training in this Ministry is readily available to those willing to deliver on time and to a high standard of quality.