Stewardship Committee

The mission of the Stewardship Committee is to promote and foster Christian Stewardship in our homes, in our parish, in our schools and in our community. To fulfil our mission we provide resources for worship, prayed, education, administration, outreach and witness.

The Stewardship Committee seeks to infuse the theology and practice of stewardship into the life of the parish and assist everyone in recognising that all we have is a pure gift from God.The Stewardship Committee works to inform parishioners of the many opportunities where they can use their giftedness to build up the kingdom of God by sharing their Time, Talent and Treasure.

The Committee responds to the identified needs by organising ministries, groups and committees within the parish, and providing leadership to set the direction for the future Stewardship activities. The committee further seeks to instil a sense of hospitality, spirituality and accountability in parish members and the community at large.