Parish Notices

Registration for Mass

Everyone must register before attending ALL Masses.

From Tuesday 17th November, we will be taking online registration only.

Register by clicking on the link here:

Alternatively, you can register via the QR code displayed on the church door as well as on the parish bulletin.

Online registrations will automatically close once capacity is reached AND 1 hour before the scheduled Mass time.

Once you have registered via Eventbrite, you will be sent a confirmation email.

The complete list of registered attendees for Sunday Masses will be printed out (at 2:30pm Fridays) by the parish secretary for the monitors to check on your arrival.

If you have registered for a Sunday Mass AFTER 2:30pm on the previous Friday, your name will NOT be on the printed list, so you will be required by the monitors to present the confirmation of your booking that was sent to you. If not, you may be denied entry.

If you do not register for Masses you may not be allowed in if we are at capacity and of also putting yourself and our parish at risk of a very hefty fines.

The four square metre rule must be adhered to.

The wearing of masks to church is now highly recommended to keep each other and our vulnerable parishioners safe.

Updated parish directives as a result of

coronavirus (COVID-19)

As of 21st September 2020

(These directives replace all other directives issued up to 21st September 2020)


You must register and pre book before each Mass

Only 60 registered worshippers will be allowed entry (in addition to clergy and essential assistants). At the time of registration the full names and contact phone numbers for all worshippers will be collected.

  • A parish-appointed Attendance Monitor will check names against a list to ensure all worshippers attending have registered.
  • Worshippers must sanitise their hands upon entry using the sanitiser provided  in the narthex.
  • Entry from the narthex to the nave of the church is through the double glass doors only.
  • Worshippers must only sit in allocated seating which is marked with green stickers to ensure 1.5m distance between worshippers.
  • Worshippers can seek assistance from the Attendance Monitor if required during the Mass.
  • Worshippers must not shake hands and instead offer a verbal exchange of peace.
  • Members of the same household may sit within 1.5m distance of each other (e.g. married couple, parent with children) if they have advised their relationship with the Attendance Monitor during registration.
  • The Attendance Monitor will maintain alertness to identify worshippers presenting with flu-like symptoms (cough, runny nose, etc.) and advise any worshippers with symptoms they must leave the premises.
  • The Attendance Monitor will ensure worshippers do not congregate in the entrance or any area of the building.
  • The Attendance Monitor will ensure staggering of worshippers as they enter the building and walk to their seats.
  • Worshippers must maintain 1.5 metres distancing at all times including lining up for communion.
  • Communion will be received in the hand only (not on the tongue).
  • There will be no communion from the chalice for worshippers.
  • The Attendance Monitor will coordinate a staggered exit of worshippers through the exit door located near the sacristy.
  • Because of possible risk of aerosol transmission, congregational singing is prohibited at this time.
  • Only one musician and one cantor is allowed. The Cantor must maintain 3 metres physical distance.

The faithful are encouraged to have the ‘COVIDsafe’ app active on their mobile device where they have the capacity to do so. (note: this is not a requirement of attendance)

Church/Chapels will not be open for Private Prayer under the current directives due to the significant cleaning and sanitising requirements that are involved to protect parishioners, clergy, parish staff and volunteers.

Changes for worship, weddings and funerals

29 May 2020

More people can attend religious services, weddings and funerals from 1 June 2020 but worshippers will be asked to maintain social distancing and changes to communal practices will be required.

See the full Media release here:

Our diocesan implementation of step one


15 MAY 2020

My brothers and sisters

COVID 19 remains present in the community and is highly infectious. We need to continue to act with prudence, calm and hope. The NSW government has announced today that certain restrictions are being eased. The purpose of today’s communication is to direct you as to how we will implement this in our diocese.

Believing it to be the more prudent course of action at this time, and given the limitations on the number of people who could attend and the associated logistics, I have determined that the public celebration of Mass will remain suspended and churches will remain closed. This will be reviewed in two (2) weeks. The previously communicated dispensation of the faithful of the Diocese from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains in place.

This decision has been made for the safety and wellbeing of all involved – parishioners, clergy, parish staff and wider community. Therefore the current directives remain in place, except for the the changes in relation to the attendance numbers for weddings and funerals:

  • Weddings are limited to no more than ten (10) guests plus the couple, celebrant and assistants.
  • Funerals are limited to no more than twenty (20) mourners indoors and thirty (30) mourners for outdoor ceremonies excluding celebrants, funeral directors and assistants.

The government requirements for hygiene practices and physical distancing guidelines of one person per four square metres must still be adhered to at all times.

Please support your priests in understanding the need to comply with these directives so that we can act in a unified manner across the diocese. Again, I emphasise that this current situation will be reviewed in two (2) weeks. I will be communicating with you during this period of time to assist you in preparing for the next steps in this process.

I understand that this time has been challenging in many ways, however, it has also proven to be a time of grace and opportunity. I therefore encourage you to continue to engage with your parish through means such as live-streaming and other initiatives that have been implemented in the life of your community.

Yours in Christ

Most Rev Brian G Mascord DD
Bishop of Wollongong
15 May 2020

Message from Fr. Patrick Vaughan PP

Planned Giving envelopes

Please remember that we don’t currently have any facility for receiving your weekly planned giving envelopes. These contributions are vital for the running of our parish, so we ask that you hold them until things return to normal. Alternatively, you can contribute via Direct Debit by following this link:

Parish directives

(These directives replace all other directives issued up to the 15 May 2020)


Effective Midday 23 March 2020 in the Diocese of Wollongong:

  • Public Masses and liturgies—both indoor and outdoor—are suspended until further notice.
  • Mass will continue to be said privately by priests throughout the diocese on behalf of the faithful on a daily basis.
  • The faithful can keep holy their Sunday by setting aside some time for prayer at home, reading the Scriptures of the day, watching Mass on television or online, and asking God for the graces they would normally receive in Holy Communion (canon 87 §1 , canon 1248 §2).
  • Church buildings, adoration chapels and other church buildings used for prayer and religious services are to remain closed from midday on Monday, 23 March 2020.
  • Priests should consider continuing to publish their weekly parish bulletin online with advice and a weekly homily/reflection.
    Holy Communion is not to be given to anyone, including the sick, except as Viaticum for the dying.
  • Sunday Mass and Holy Week services will be celebrated privately by the bishop and made available on the diocesan website from the fifth Sunday of Lent (29 March 2020).


Baptisms should be delayed. If there is a risk of death, the child should be baptised in accordance with social gatherings limited to 2 persons.


The Sacrament of Confession will be suspended during this time of pandemic. Physical and moral impossibility excuses a person from confession, in which case reconciliation may be attained by other means, for example an act of perfect contrition. (Canon 960) An act of perfect contrition can be made by saying these or similar words, “My God, I am sorry for my sins with all my heart. I should love you above all things. I firmly intend, with your help, to sin no more, and to avoid whatever leads me to sin”.


Preparation for and celebration of First Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Communion for children should be postponed until the pandemic is over.


Weddings are limited to no more than ten (10) guests plus the couple, celebrant and assistants. The government requirements for hygiene practices and physical distancing guidelines of one person per four square metres must still be adhered to at all times.


Funerals are limited to no more than twenty (20) mourners indoors and thirty (30) mourners for outdoor ceremonies excluding celebrants, funeral directors and assistants. The government requirements for hygiene practices and physical distancing guidelines of one person per four square metres must still be adhered to at all times.


The Sacrament for the Anointing of the Sick will continue. However, for the protection of our most vulnerable parishioners, clergy have been given revised instruction on how to proceed.
Clergy should only visit the sick or infirm with COVID–19 in a hospital or aged care facility if requested by the patient, family or hospital personnel. Clergy are requested to contact hospital personnel to confirm that the appropriate precautions are met prior to administering the sacraments.


Holy Communion is not to be given to anyone, including the sick, except as Viaticum for the dying. If Viaticum for the dying is celebrated this is done according to the procedures for the anointing of the sick.


Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion are not to take Holy Communion to the sick.
All parish meetings are to be suspended at this time.


All parishes and parishioners are required to follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines as provided by the health authorities, including:

  • Good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene.
  • Distancing of at least one person per 4 square metres
  • Self isolation if diagnosed with COVID–19 or when exposed to symptomatic or diagnosed COVID–19 persons.

Bell Tower Update


Church Bell Tower

Work has been progressing behind the scenes to ensure that we have our new bell tower in place before the end of the year. So far we have completed the following tasks:

  • Removal of old bell tower in January 2013. Mr. Vince Boland and sons.
  • Dismantling of bell mounting and swing mechanism. Mr. Vince Boland.
  • Renovation (cleaning up) of the historic bell. Undertaken by Mr. Vince Boland.
  • Agreement made on design and location of the new structure. Parishioners.
  • Structural Engineer, Peter Lockhart engaged.
  • Engineering drawings completed. Peter Lockhart.
  • Meetings with key personnel and builder.
  • Quote received from the company to provide the zinc coating on the structure.
  • Development application submitted to Wollongong City Council, now waiting for response.

Michael Barnett

Project Coordinator

Church Bell Tower

Following our successful submission to the NSW Government for a grant under the Community Building Partnership Program 2013, we are now in the planning stage for our new bell tower.

The parishioners voted overwhelmingly for us to build a replica of the original historic bell tower out of galvanised steel. The new tower will be situated near to the front of the church on the grassed area just outside the sacristy. That is near the South Western corner of the church building. Peter Lockhard is busy completing the structural engineering drawings that we will then take to the builder and Wollongong City Council for a Development Application.

We thank everyone for voting on the design and location.

Michael Barnett

Pastoral Council