26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

I am currently preparing the new roster for Readers and Monitors for the 8:30 am and 5:30pm Masses if there is anyone who would like to help out in these ministries it would be greatly appreciated.

The new roster will be for Sunday 8th November through to the Sunday 27th December ( including Christmas).

If you would like assist please email me with what are you would like to help out in (Reading or Monitoring), which time slot (8:30am or 5:30pm) and what Sundays you are NOT available to help.

Thank you in advance

Kindest Regards and blessings

Lisa Bates

Secretary for Corrimal and Bulli Parishes

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Child Protection Week Prayer

Gracious God, you love and care for all your children,
Especially the smallest and most vulnerable.
We entrust to you the lives of children and adults at risk , who have been sexually abused, and whose trust and innocence have been destroyed.
Help us to hear the cries of pain and to take responsibility for those whose lives have been broken.
Help us to recognise the hurt felt by those wounded by abuse, and the failure to be heard.
We pray that with the help of your grace communities and families will find understanding and support,
So that now and in the future their wounds may be healed and they may find lasting peace.
Let your grace and love fall gently now upon our children, giving them inner strength, peace and resilience to seek out assistance when required.
We ask this prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

On Monday the 14th September the office will be closed and staying closed on Mondays until the COVID restrictions and registrations are over. It will be opening on Fridays from 9:30am until 3pm.

This has been decided due to the amount of people still ringing after Thursday afternoon cut off, leaving messages on the answering machine and the pressure it puts on Fr. Patrick as the office is unattended after Thursday afternoon.  

The last few weeks we have been at capacity especially the 8:30am Mass. So until restrictions are completely lifted this is how things will stay.