5th Sunday of Easter

Bulletin 2020-05-10

Your Sunday Mass can be viewed here, as celebrated privately by Fr. Patrick at St. Joseph’s Bulli.

Happy Mother’s day to all our Mums.  It will certainly be different but I hope that those of you who can see your children you get to do so.

Mothers day pic

Kids word search 5th Sunday of Easter

Junior work sheet 5th Sunday of Easter

Kids worksheet 5th Sunday of Easter

Faith Resources for use at Home

With many of us now in physical isolation, the Diocese is suggesting and providing some simple spiritual and faith formation activities in this week’s communication that can be shared electronically.

The Diocesan website has a range of formation options which can be found at Nourish your Faith at Home – New Section on DoW Website  Visit: www.dow.org.au/covid-19/nourish-your-faith-at-home

Planned Giving envelopes

Please remember that we don’t currently have any facility for receiving your weekly planned giving envelopes. These contributions are vital for the running of our parish, so we ask that you hold them until things return to normal. Alternatively, you can contribute via Direct Debit by following this link: https://www.dow.org.au/plannedgiving/

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